Our company ESTCOM CZ – oxidová keramika settled in the area of Elektroporcelán Louny a.s. which is situated in the west of the town of Louny (coming from highway Prague - Chomutov it is necessary to turn to the right on exit Louny - západ (Louny - West) in the foothills of The České středohoří Route-identification map.

We continue in the production of oxide ceramics, which had a tradition in area since 1967. The first products produced in the plant were pyrometric tubes and capillaries made from mullite or mullite-alumina ceramics. In the following  years new products were put into production and the assortments of oxide ceramics were extended as well.


The main production processes are the technology of vacuum press extrusion, dry pressing technology, injection casting technology and wet pressing technology. The most important products are through these technologies realised.

  • Extrusion Technology on a Vacuum Press Machines                          tubes and capillaries with a working temperature between 1500–1800°C
  • Dry Pressing Technology
    seal elements are made of high alumina ceramics with good abrasion resistance. The working surfaces are cut and polished up to a toughness of Ra 0.3 – 0.1 µm with a flatness of up to 0.6 µm
  • Injection Moulding Technology
    construction alumina parts of abrasion resistant materials with a fracture toughness of up to 4.6 MPa, ceramic cores for the  precision casting process are made from porous aluminosiliceous ceramics containing 80% SiO2
  • Wet Pressing Technology
    crucubles, lids, funnels and heads of porous materials T 02, LUNIT 20/1350

Ceramic substances and materials

  • Dense Mulite Ceramics
    trade mark Lunit 73 (see IEC 672 C 610)
  • Mulite-alumina Ceramics
    trade mark Lunit 20 (see IEC 672 C 530)
  • Dense High Alumina Ceramics
    trade mark Luxal 203 (see IEC 672 C 799)
  • Dense High Alumina Ceramics
    trade mark AG 202 (contents IEC 672 C 795)
  • Porous Alumino-silicate Ceramics
    trade mark Lusil (obsah SiO2 80%)
  • Porous Siliceous Ceramics
    trade mark T 02 (contents SiO2 80%)


Table of used substances and materials

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