ESTCOM CZ - oxidová keramika a.s.

Your Oxide Ceramics Specialists

ESTCOM CZ - oxidová keramika a.s. is based at the site of Elektroporcelán Louny a.s. which is located west of the Town of Louny (Louny-západ exit when driving on the Prague-Chomutov Road) in the foothills of the Central Bohemian Highlands. For better orientation please see the map.

We continue in the proud tradition of oxide ceramics production which started here back in 1967 with mullite and mullite-corundum pyrometric tubes and capillaries. Later on the production expanded to include a wide range of oxide ceramic products.

Manufacturing process

The main manufacturing processes include vacuum press forming, dry pressing, injection molding, and overflow pressing technology.

Vacuum press forming

Tubes and capillaries for use at up to 1500-1800°C

Dry pressing technology

Sealing elements, made of abrasion-resistant corundum materials, with functional surfaces polished to a roughness Ra of 0.3-0.1 µm and a flatness of up to 0.6 µm

Injection molding technology

Structural and abrasion-resistant corundum parts of a fracture toughness of up to 4.6 MPa, ceramic cores for precise casting made of porous aluminosilicate material containing 80% SiO2

Overflow molding technology

Cups, lids, funnels, heads - all from T 02, LUNIT 20/1350 porous materials.

Materials used


Trade name Lunit 73 (corresponds to IEC 672 C 610)


Trade name Lunit 20 (corresponds to IEC 672 C 530)


Trade name Luxal 203 (corresponds to IEC 672 C 799)

Sintered corundum ceramics

Trade name AG 202 (corresponds to IEC 672 C 795)

Porous aluminosilicate

Trade name Lusil (containing 80% SiO2)

Porous silica

Trade name T 02 (SiO2 content 80%)