Oxide Ceramics Specialists

We stand by the quality of our products.

Measuring and quality control at all stages of production is an absolute priority.


Multi-stage quality control.


The final measurement must meet the client's exact specifications.


Observing the exact dimensions in the order documentation.

Wide-ranging applications

Our products are widely used in a number of industries.

The tubes and capillaries are used in high-temperature applications, including the structural parts of thermal equipment, heating element carriers, firing equipment, etc.

Our laboratory equipment is used in the processing and testing of various chemicals, materials, substances as well as metal melting. Chemical, metallurgical, textile, and other industries.

Structural parts used in pumps including such as axial sealing rings in water pumps, ceramic seal seats, bearing housings, friction rings.

Global Delivery

We serve customers from European and Asian countries as well as from Africa and North America. Upon request  we deliver our products anywhere in the world. Get in touch for more information.

Oxide ceramic products