Ceramic Crucibles

SiO2 Ceramic Crucibles

These ceramic crucibles and lids are largely used in analyzers for the detection of carbon and sulfur content in iron, steel, non-ferrous alloys, rubber, carbon black, slag, cement, coal, kerosene, etc.

Other applications of T 02 material in the metallurgical industry include instances, where heat resistance and resistance to thermal shocks are required.

The crucibles are also suitable for melting and casting dental composites.

The products offer high resistance to thermal shocks while containing minimal amounts of carbon and sulfur.

Typical products

Crucibles of various shapes and sizes.

Various dimensions and shapes are available based on customers' requirements.

Our offer also includes

Tungsten granulate, grain size of 0.5-2 mm (2.5 kg/package)

Graphite inserts for ceramic crusibles (IZODENT type)

Material T 02

80% SiO2 porous silica ceramics

T 02 material properties

Water absorption of 6-12%

Bulk density of 1.8 - 2.3.10³ kg/m³

Flexural strength of min. 5 MPa

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 20-600 °C 4.0 - 4.8.10-6 K-1

Corundum annealing and melting crucibles

Melt-resistant annealing and melting crucibles for use in laboratories and industry at temperatures of up to 1,500°C, etc.

Corundum annealing and melting crucibles          

material AG 202 (C795)                                                                      

sintered corundum ceramics with 95% Al2O3 content              

weight absorption 0%                                                                

volume weight 3,75.10³ kg m³                                                           

flexural strength 375 MPa

Corundum lids

Product registration number ∅ D [mm] H [mm]

L830600 28 5 L830700 35 5 L824400 40 5 L827700 45 5 L830800 60 5

Various dimensions and shapes are available based on customers' requirements.