Ceramic Cores for Precision Casting Using Investment Casting

Ceramic cores allow for the formation of a precise cavity of complicated shapes for ferrous and non-ferrous casting. The cores guarantee high dimensional accuracy, high surface quality, and easy removal of the ceramic core when casting is done. Ceramic cores are used in the casting of heat-resistant nickel alloys, alloy steel, conventional steel, and aluminum. Made of LUSIL - porous aluminosilicate ceramics containing 80% SiO2.

3 types of ceramic cores based on the complexity of the shape

Simple core

Single cylinder or stick of L:D = 18:1

Moderately complex core

The moderately complex ceramic core of different weights and cross-sections is suitable where there are no high demands on the dimensional accuracy of functional parts and high requirements for roughness and surface quality.

Complex Core

Complex products of wide-ranging weights, suitable for applications demanding high dimensional accuracy of core prints as well as all basic dimensions and high requirements on roughness, quality of the surface as well as on strength.